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But seriously, bugs are a fact of life until we get a good frost. If you want no bugs and can hold off your trip, the last couple of weeks of September are usually pretty bug free with decent temperatures.

There are other alternatives to DEET - no, not the Skin-So-Soft - such as Repel's Lemon-Eucalyptus Spray. We just tried it a few weeks ago and found it to be pretty effective. Then again, the third eye I've grown from all the DEET exposure DOES help with the night vision......

Other alternatives might be to get a hotel room in Lake Placid (I highly recommend the Golden Arrow - they have a nice pool and beach) to keep the young ones from getting eaten alive and happy. You could then hit some easy hikes, such as to Marcy Dam, Mount Jo or Owl's Head without having them out all day. If the kids have a little endurance a hike out to Rocky Falls gives them a great spot to play in the water. Bring some dry clothes and some sandals for being in the water (the rocks are kind of tough on the feet). Last time we were there, my girls (then 16, 14 and 8) hiked out with wet shoes - but they are old enough to make that choice and live with it.

Enjoy your trip to the Adirondacks!
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