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Not sure if this belongs here or in wildlife section but...

Well last Saturday was Adirondack Loon Census day where hundreds of people go to designated ponds and watch and record information about loons they see between 8 and 9 am. I decided to go into "my" pond on Friday night after dinner so I could wake up there. So I set out a little after 6 pm from the trail head. It's a mile and a half hike and it's raining off and on lightly, but I have a canoe over my head so it's not that big a deal.

I get in about a mile and a quarter and I come to where the beaver have flooded the trail and I think, I have the technology to deal with this and almost instantly realize I left my paddle back in the car. So I drop my stuff, check my watch, 7:05, and start a trot/hike back to the car (thinking, I could just drive home and come in early in the morning and make this easy on myself) but I grab the paddle and start back. Did I mention the mosquitoes are really bad, like breathing them bad? A little less quick now on the way in, but I get back to my boat and pack at 8:00 and now it's raining steadily and I just successfully made my 1.5 mile hike into a 4 mile hike and it's starting to get dark. A few minutes later I get to the pond and madly paddle to where I'm camping for the night. Luckily instead of a tent I've brought my camping hammock so there is less worry about the perfect site. All I need is two trees the right distance apart. So I get the hammock set up and it's now pretty much dark and I decide to eat the second half of a sub I bought for supper before retiring. Did I mention it's raining and the bugs are bad? So here I am standing next to the pond in the dark, swatting mosquitoes, in the rain eating a mushed (from being in my pack) sub.

I finally climb into my hammock and get situated and over the sound of the rain hitting the rain fly I can hear mosquitoes. I turn on the light and there has to be 30 of them inside with me. So I spend the next 15 minutes in kill mode. I didn't sleep much and it rained pretty hard all night. At some point one of the sticks I had for a stake holding the rain fly out, let loose, allowing it to come in contact with the bug netting and the condensation started dripping inside so it's time to drag my naked butt back outside to fix that. Did I mention It was raining, dark, mosquitoes, wind, nakedness...... So I get that taken care of, get back inside, go into kill mode again for the newly arrived blood suckers and finally drift off to sleep as the sky starts to lighten. What a night.

So I observed an adult loon and it's 2 chicks for an hour and the weather cleared up and I came home. Happy ending.

How come no one ever wants to go camping with me?
I would like to do this ''census'' next year,ADK Keith.How do I enroll?! tnx Looncry
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