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Yes, the directional signs are good and are actual benefit for those using the roads - and infrastructure is at the top of list of proper use of taxpayer funds. Our state was beyond broke before this pandemic, so no to more waste in these areas: Medicare/aid? Suburban integration? Public land works?

Advertising being a part of culture for a long time is true, however, the longevity of something is not a valid argument for the wasteful use of government (taxpayer funds) on said activity.

Here's my suggestion that you may have missed from the first post: take the taxpayer money budgeted to advertise the NY outdoors - including the ADKs, and use it to hire more Rangers or increase education for those using the outdoors.

I at least offered a practical use of tax dollars in my first post to help the situation.

Check out an interesting article in the ADK Enterprise publication today on the 36K acre Whitney estate . The owner is reluctant to sell to the state because he is doubtful that they can care for it properly.

He is right to be cautious. Several years ago, the state bought Hemlock and Canadice lakes from Monroe County and the level of oversight and care for these two jewels is nowhere near what it was when the county owned it.

Please note: this will be my last post on this, and I can only hope our state employees at the top will treat our tax dollars as if they are spending money out of their own personal pocket, and not a bottomless pit that they constantly try to fill by taxing the hard working people of this state.

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