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Yeah, that's problematic right now, or so I hear.

Hmmm - the Alaska would be great for those. Very warm, supportive and great flexibility (zero hot spots for me). Might be tough to find though until next season. I wouldn't hesitate to buy those used though if you find a pair in good conditions in your size. They stay soft and pliable and have a rubber rand that kind of keeps the footbox in the same shape. The stock inserts suck, so if they have them, toss 'em and put in some from your hiking boots or some Dr. Scholls, etc...

I wouldn't buy any old 3 pin boots - two issues. They usually mold to the persons foot who broke them in, then the leather gets old and dry and won't reform. Blister madness. Second is they tend to crack on flex line or at the pin holes. Pin holes can be fixed, sometimes, if it's not a full split. The others need a resole and that can cost far more than what the boots are worth, not to mention it's getting hard to find cobblers who do it anymore.
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