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I started my daughter on 80 cm skis when she was 4 years old
My son started on the same skis at age 3.
Both eventually switched to snow boards around the age of 14.
Donít waste time with toy equipment, get real skis with modern sidecuts and comfortable alpine boots. Little legs and short feet donít apply much leverage, short skis are a must.
Now my grandkids are learning and the difference in their fun and ability has been markedly improved with non rental skis and boots.
Most important is to keep the focus on fun and limit the time skiing, 4 hours is an eternity to the little ones.
My ski buddy (brawnyman) regularly takes his three boys BC skiing, even the 5 year old recently climbed and skied 1,000 vert in good powder. The boys love it, even the climbing, but not all kids are the same...
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