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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
Great report of an area I have frequented many times over the years. Thanks for the memories.

You were there on the river in far better times than I was in the wake of the 1995 Derecho (see photos below). Wile guiding a BSA troop we did in fact lose count of upwards of 70 beaver dams to cross above High Falls.

The DEC replaced that Oswetatchie Wild River trailhead sign seen in the photo with a new one a few years back, A ranger presented me with the old sign seen in the photo which I now have hanging on my garage wall.

As I am sure you know, and some places you have probably been, there a number of side trail hikes to explore along the way, including areas near Lows and beyond: Robinwood, Nehasane lodge, Rainer River, Lows Mtn, Grass Pond Mtn, GPM Ice caves, Fishpole and Darning Needle Ponds, Tri-County Marker, he "Old Man" huge pine tree, Ranger's Rest, Cowhorn Pond, Robinson River, to name just a very few.
A few of those places I've visited. I caught some glimpses of Nehasane on a backpacking trip to Lake Lila a few years back. Fishpole and Darning Needle Ponds I visited on a backpacking trip into Chair Rock Flow and Grass Pond nearly a decade ago. I remember that Darning Needle Pond especially was a very scenic and remote body of water that clearly gets few visitors. Cowhorn Pond I've visited a few times over the the years- the first was during a slightly abbreviated traverse of the CL50, where we hiked past Cowhorn Pond just prior to setting up for the night at Olmstead Pond not too far away. The second was also on my first visit to the Oswegatchie headwaters by foot, when I spent a night in the Cowhorn Pond Lean-to.

The Robinson River especially is a spot that I'm interested in- but have not yet visited (apart from paddling past the confluence where it joins the Oswegatchie on this trip). Ever since learning the history of the Red Horse Trail, I've been intrigued... I'm sure that at this point there's not much (if any) remnant of the long-abandoned part of the trail left, but I've thought about trying to follow the route all the way through from Stillwater to High Falls (with a water taxi shuttle to get dropped off at Big Burnt Lake).
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