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Agree with Montaclm and Dundee. This is actually crystal clear. I think any perception of a "conflict" is based on a misunderstanding of easements. I'm not an attorney by any means, but my understanding is that easements are inclusionary, rather than exclusionary. Meaning, the only things that you are allowed to do via the easement are the things that are specifically included in the easement. Anything else is up to the private landowner. So trying to read an easement as "It doesn't say I cannot do this or that, so it must be OK" is incorrect.

And yes, the AMR no dogs rule is VERY firm, and extremely well posted with numerous large signs.

(And the "arrest" incident was several years ago. Bluntly, a couple folks decided to be *A$$****s* and see what kind of trouble they could stir up by deliberately breaking the rules, and then deliberately provoking an incident with the AMR security staff. They succeeded (briefly) in stirring up trouble, and succeeded (permanently) in making themselves look like complete idiots.)

So yes, please obey the posted AMR rules. (Note, some people want their dog to be able to accompany them to all their 46 peaks. This is fine. Most people deal with D,N,C,B by using the (well used) bushwhack route via Gravestone Brook, or approaching from Elk Lake via Pinnacle Ridge. These approaches avoid AMR land.)
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