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Originally Posted by stripperguy View Post

We just had a professional videographer in here at work to produce an industrial biography, of sorts.
The equipment this guy had was cool, some extended sort of boom, sliding tracks for pan shots, heavy duty tripods with viscous damped heads...neat stuff.

Is that the sort of equipment you're lugging to mountain tops and lakesides?
And then what? Wait hours or days for the right light/weather?
I admire your talent and commitment, hope you can cash in on your "hobby".
Let just say my photo and video equipment cover most of my total weight while out canoeing/hiking. I generally can get away hiking/canoeing for a week with only 12lbs of gear but with my camera gear I can push 50-60 lbs.

I take heavy duty tripod with a fluid video head, camera with 3 lenses, bag of filters, multiple batteries, charger, a lithium battery so i can recharge batteries. I'd go through two a day on avg, microphones and external recorders, a 3 foot slider to get tracking shots. The weight adds up quickly. My next piece of equipment will be a 6 foot motorized slider to get incredible tracking shots for timelapses.

It can be a bit rough taking all this gear but seeing my end results makes it all worth it.
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