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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Looks like a big industrial project in the wilderness. I thought we were all instructed to oppose things like that...
So this response seems like the last one to me.

I think you are trying to nitpick problems with this, but in reality I think the problem was created initially with putting in the tracks, and now we are simply "sleeping in the bed we made".

Boy - sure would be damn nice if we had the technical expertise and foresight to think of the end game of any chemical we toss into the environment, but that surely ain't the case. And the past 4 years we surely haven't moved in a direction that was making that any better.

FWIW - we have been using a primitive method of this treatment for a long, long time. I don't have a number, and probably no one knows for sure because eventually the wood does rot, but charring the ends of logs creates creosote and if you want to stick it in the ground for a pole and keep it from rotting, this is one way of doing that. Apparently the form of creosote from wood is slightly less toxic than that from coal, but it's something humans have been around in the past.

In the past there was a big stink about it causing cancer, because in lab rats, it would. And I remember this as a kid and always kept away from it. But now there are studies that say that there's little evidence that humans develop cancer when working with it. So who knows? Everything causes cancer in high enough concentrations.
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