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It's been years so I'm not 100% sure on the specifics but I know that we left cars for extended periods at the following trailheads during our section hikes to complete the entire NPT in winter:
  • Upper Benson Trailhead for the Silver Lake Wilderness
  • Piseco Lake Trailhead for the Silver Lake Wilderness
  • Haskell Road Trailhead for the West Canada Lakes Wilderness
  • Route 28/30 Trailhead for the Blue Mountain Wild Forest (Tirrell Pond)
  • Tarbell Road Trailhead for the High Peaks Wilderness
  • Averyville Road Trailhead for the High Peaks Wilderness
If you do decide to go in from Tarbell Road, be aware that many of the Long Lake Lean-tos and tent sites are right on the water- and well exposed to the southwest winds. Some of these lean-tos can be downright brutal spots to camp at in the winter if there is any wind. One of the two Catlin Bay Lean-tos is well sheltered, but the rest all range from moderately to very exposed.

I'll second the Hamilton Lake Stream suggestion.

Also, Tirrell Pond could work- when I was in grad school, I lead a beginner winter backpacking trip there for the Syracuse University Outing Club. We hiked in from the Blue Mountain trailhead (that is a popular trailhead even in winter and the lot is usually kept well plowed). It proved to be the perfect distance for an easier trip (although the trail was also broken out, I can imagine that some of the participants may have been less than impressed if we'd ended up having to break trail for 3 miles).

EDIT: LongLaker beat me to it- but yes, ditto on Tirrell.
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