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Make sure you familiarize yourself with the DEC's regulations for hiking and camping on state lands as well as the Leave No Trace Principles. Not knowing regulations is a common beginner mistake. It's also common for beginners to equate "Leave No Trace" simply with "Carry In, Carry Out" policies, and the reality is that backcountry impacts are fairly nuanced and there is a lot more to minimizing your impacts than just carrying your trash out.

(Note also that some areas of the Adirondacks, most notably the High Peaks Wilderness, have additional regulations that add to or in some cases supersede the general State Land Use Regulations.)

For a first time backpacking trip, I generally recommend keeping it simple- pick a destination that is no more than a few miles from the trailhead, hike in, set up camp, and hang out. Maybe do a day hike from camp if one is available, but generally focus on getting to know your gear, and figuring out what works and what doesn't (you're going to have things that don't work as well or in the exact manner you expect or want, and some level of adjustment is going to be necessary).
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