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Originally Posted by Conk View Post
Nice trip, thanks for reporting. I was curious how the dingy would work for you. Many moons ago I sometimes packed an inexpensive toy PVC raft to entertain myself on remote pond visits. Loads of fun but hard to stay dry.
Nighttime "kerplunks" are likely coming from a beaver. Otters are sleek and quiet in the water, unless they become vocal, when they will snort disapprovingly at your presence.
Thanks Conk, and thank you for your own trip reports of that area from a few years ago that were a big part of inspiring me to choose this somewhat difficult trip.

The LWD actually kept me dry for the most part, I expected to get pretty wet. The difficulty was in paddling and moving with any speed/comfort on the water. It does not move well and it's a bit of a struggle to go any distance. Every paddle moves the front of the raft annoyingly to the right or left quite a bit...not ideal on a pond like Sunshine. Better suited for a smaller water body. One day I'll be able to invest the time and money into researching and choosing an appropriate canoe for such trips.

That kerplunking sound was like a small animal doing a cannonball...that's the best I can describe it. I thought it odd that it would be so conspicuous, if being so careful to only do this under the cover of darkness.

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