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Originally Posted by Deb dePeyster View Post
This post stayed with me long after I read it. It takes a lot of courage and humility to record when things do not go well in a forum for others to read.

Usually when I hike it's with the absolute minimum - a tiny bike hydration pack with my keys, water and an energy bar. Last week when I did the 7 mile loop hike of Botheration Pond I took a day pack, guidebook, compass, space blanket, matches and fire starter, an extra layer, flashlight and an ace bandage. Also extra food and water. You never expect anything to go wrong - but if it does and you're not prepared you're really screwed. So thank you rbi99 for reminding me.
Thanks. After so many backpacking trips I was due one that really didn't go as planned. I didn't kick myself for not knowing about the lean-tos being moved, because I am always on the forums. I just never saw it. I now have the lean-to rescue site bookmarked!!! The stove I should have been prepared to repair in the field, but with the weather and my dog, we would have packed out the next day regardless. The biggest take away from this trip is my new knowledge that longer backpacking trips aren't in the cards for myself or my dog any longer. You don't know your limit until you reach it.
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