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Originally Posted by Hard Scrabble View Post
Back in the 60's i drove to a parking area off Beaver Pond Rd. There was a wooden bridge over "Beaver Brook" ??? beyond which was 4 wheel drive territory. Sometimes flooded.
The next brook that we crossed was the outlet of Pharaoh with a steep downhill, across the brook and a steep uphill on the other side.
Where is the present parking area??
I'm not sure if you can see the map that I posted above, but I think you may
have what you are referring to as "Beaver Brook" mistaken for what is
actually called "Mill Brook", which is the outlet of Whortleberry Pond & Crab
Pond. Pharaoh Lake Brook joins Mill Brook just east of the parking area
near Mill Brook.

Perhaps 'Beaver Brook' was just a local name used by the old timers, as there
are numerous beaver dams along Mill brook, which often causes the flooding
at the crossing.

Here is a portion of the 1953 Paradox quadrangle, which clearly
shows Mill Brook, and I also labeled the two parking areas along Pharaoh
Road again:

...And here is the same map from 1897, which also clearly shows Pharaoh
Road, and Mill Brook...

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