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Originally Posted by Jim Lawyer View Post
I'm not clear on what exactly the "unit management plan" data layer is. The layer you mention follows nearly no tax map boundaries, cuts thought the middle of many parcels, and encompasses a giant area, including nearly all the private parcels along Cedar River Road.
It shows the area of state land administered as the Blue Ridge Wilderness.

Originally Posted by Jim Lawyer View Post
Anyway, since you encountered "no surveyed boundary lines of any kind", this suggests that you were either not near the boundary, or the boundary isn't marked.
Precisely my point. I was on Sugarloaf Mountain's summit and observed no boundaries, therefore the tax parcel map you are relying on (which shows the state-private boundary crossing the summit) is incorrect. It is highly unlikely that the line would be unmarked in a wooded area. The private side was owned by a logging company, and it would be in their best interest to know where their land ends, as they would be subject to penalties for accidentally logging the forest preserve. Therefore even if the DEC had not recently blazed the line in yellow, FP would've blazed it in red (or whatever method they used) if it had passed across the summit, where I explored. Since I saw no such boundary, experience leads me to believe that the state land maps are likely correct in showing the majority of the mountain within the Forest Preserve.

Originally Posted by Jim Lawyer View Post
In either case, does it really matter?
I was responding to statements that the mountain was private by offering my first-hand observations that at least the top of the cliff, if not more, is in fact already part of the Forest Preserve and legally accessible. But, I've learned my lesson. I will henceforth keep my discoveries to myself, since it is human nature for most people to persist in believing what they want to believe.

I had a great afternoon legally exploring Sugarloaf Mountain last week. Everyone else can wait until 2018 if it makes them feel better. 'Nuff said.
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