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Static Line

Originally Posted by Volte View Post
Will the primitive camp have child care avaliable? Lacking that, as long as I can tie my 15 month old twins to a tree with static rope... I'm there!
I'll supply some static line; otherwise, sorry but no childcare is provided.
At 15 mos. old, they would have a ball wandering among the boulders. You might have a rough time keeping up with them...
We used baby carriers back in the day, so we could do a minute or two of bouldering without losing babies.
I do recall building a fenced-in area in a patch of woods we owned once, so the children could wander w/o getting lost or endangered while I worked on clearing land nearby. Ah, those were the days, splitting one's time, mind, and sanity between child and chore!

If you have two backs to carry the load, a day trip to watch the fun would probably work. Not sure about an overnight, though we did take our little ones camping. Two little ones at once might be rough, but on a positive note, the camping is about as close to the cars as it can be. Now that I think of it, this was the first non-campground place I took my kids camping at, specifically because it was close to the car. I remember walking back and forth with my 3-yr. old son between tent and car, so he would remember the way. Ah, the memories.
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