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Interesting. Thanks. I had the wrong understanding of how and when Dix Mountain was named (By Emmons no less). I was eager to confirm in the latest history by the 46ers which agreed.

But isn't the text in red a bit leading and begging for revision?
South Dix Unoffical? South Dix appears on the USGS National Map along with Grace Peak. That's pretty official.
Considering the effort to rename Grace. Might renaming South Dix not ever happen?

"Dix Mountain, one of the Adirondack High Peaks, was named for him. The name was later extended to its entire range, and unofficially applied to neighboring High Peaks South Dix (soon[when?] to be renamed Carson Peak) and East Dix. The Forest Preserve management unit in which those peaks are located is the Dix Mountain Wilderness Area."

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