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There's not a whole lot of mountains right in the Inlet area but there are some good options if you're willing to drive a bit. Blue Mountain or Wakely Mountain are both worthwhile climbs with nice views. Further east, Snowy Mountain is a harder hike than even some of the High Peaks (and the mountain itself is only a few hundred feet shy of being a High Peak).

Closer to Inlet you've got Bald and Black Bear Mountains. Both are very easy in comparison to the peaks I've listed above, but Bald in particular has some nice views and is worth climbing if you've got some time to kill.

For ponds and lakes, I would recommend checking out some hikes in the Pigeon Lake Wilderness. Cascade Lake, Queer Lake, and Chubb Lake are worthwhile destinations. Another option is the Blue Ridge Wilderness- Wilson, Cascade, and Stephens Pond are all nice, relatively quiet destinations.
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