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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
FWIW... To make it to the AMR boundary via the Boreas tract demands some level of advanced planning and research with regards to the route, as the logging road network on the Boreas tract itself is anything by straightforward. There's numerous junctions passed on the way to the AMR property line and successfully navigating the route means knowing which way to go at each junction.

There is also a "Posted: No Trespassing" sign very clearly posted at the boundary with the AMR where hikers are most likely to end up trying to access the AMR from the Boreas tract.

So it's not like folks are at risk of casually or accidentally wandering onto AMR property.
Good to know, thanks. I myself have only made it as far north as White Lily Pond from Boreas Ponds so far, and have seen many of the side trails/roads leading off the main road. With nothing marked I can see where it could get confusing, at that far. Always wanted to get back in there to explore more. Hopefully later this summer or fall after those deer flies subside a bit, some of the worse swarms I have ever experienced back in there!
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