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True. This area has seen abuse and is subject to special regulations (hence 500 vs. 150 ft rule). See current thread about Really Bad Camping Experience at Dacy Clearing. There are regular patrols. If you park overnight where not allowed or not by one of the designated sites, don't be surprised if you get a visit by DEC or at least a parking ticket (if not towed).

The DEC web site has maps showing the designated sites. You need a tent and to be prepared to walk a bit for all but a few of the sites. You could park at Dacy Clearing and backpack - at least 500 ft. in.

As you get close to the end of the road, and therefore within easier walk to the lake, there is no overnight parking allowed. I think this prohibition starts before the falls area. There are no designated sites accessible from Shelving Rock Rd that are close to the shore of Lake George.

There are RV park/campgrounds on Rt 149 not far from the turn off to Shelving Rock area.
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