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Pharaoh Wilderness is great, one of my favorites. But Ill admit that Im kinda glad there isnt an easy internet site where you can easily find out where all the campsites are without going to explore the area for yourself. Many areas are getting beat to hell enough as it is, especially this year with even more people venturing outdoors than ever before. No need to make it even easier for people to trash & burn some of these areas even more. Publicly sharing specific campsite location details on the World Wide Web also has its drawbacks. Just my opinion.
I agree with u Justin 100%. When I hiked in with my kids after 3 miles to an occupied lean to I was pretty bummed. But the couple staying there told me there was a beautiful camp site a few minutes more down the trail.

We went there and it was the best designated site I've ever stayed at. Not listed on DEC site. Right by beautiful water...perfect for swimming fishing etc. It was an exciting surprise.

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