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Spectacle Pond is an OK site. Not a whole lot of flat ground... there's nicer spots in the vicinity that aren't legal (150 foot rule) but could/should be designated. The site gets light to moderate levels of use.

The Springhill Ponds sites are kind of difficult to access- they are on the north shore whereas the marked trail ends on the south shore, and there's no marked or officially maintained trail between the two locations. There is a herd path from the end of the marked trail on the south shore that swings around the east shore to access the eastern-most of these sites that is fairly easy to follow. This eastern-most site is small but nice, with good views across the pond.

The herd path does continue around the north shore but hasn't been maintained beyond the eastern-most site so it's more of a full bushwhack to get to the western site. Note that the obvious campsite on the cliffs is not the designated site- this is an illegal site. The designated site is further west still. It's an OK site, it's set pretty far back off the water. From what I remember its kind of on the smaller side, and the periphery is pretty densely grown in with trees.

Honestly, with a kid (especially a young kid), neither of the Springhill Ponds sites would be high on my list of considerations due to the difficulty of access (no marked/maintained trail, plus a longer hike to get there in the first place).

The Goose Pond sites are nice. All 3 are waterfront sites, with good flat ground in the vicinity for at least 1 or 2 tents. These are popular sites, however- all 3 do fill to capacity on many weekends, so this is not a spot I'd choose if trying to minimize competition is a priority. There's also a number of illegal sites in the vicinity that have necessitated a lot of active efforts on the DEC's part to try to keep them closed. There's also been a number of fires at Goose Pond over the years due to overflow camping use- people set up at a non-designated site, and start a fire without an established, safe fire pit (not realizing that Adirondack soils are flammable and a ring of rocks alone isn't enough to safely contain a fire). The most recent fire there was this summer.

Crab Pond (I'm assuming Dave means the southern of the 2 Crab Ponds, there's 2 within the PLWA and each has a single designated site) is an OK site- the location is phenomenal but the site itself is kind of eh (not a whole lot of flat ground for tents). You'd probably be OK with one single tent. The site doesn't get a whole lot of use, but worth pointing out that there's also not really a whole lot of accessible options in the vicinity if that 1 site is taken.

The lean-to at Berrymill Pond does indeed see light levels of use. It's a new lean-to (built a few years ago to replace an older, somewhat dilapidated lean-to nearby). It's in a nice clearing adjacent to the outlet of Berrymill Pond (and not on the pond itself). But there's also no designated tent sites in the vicinity... so again if you arrive and the lean-to is already occupied, you're pretty much out of luck without doing the 150 foot thing.
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