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Attempted hike yesterday. Unfortunately we got a late start and didn't hit the trail until almost noon. When we got to the lake all of the sites/lean tos on that side of the lake were taken which was pretty disappointing. We ended up hiking backnout to our car. I didn't want to keep hiking only to run into the same problem at other places. I can't believe that on a Wednesday it was that crowded. That site at wintergreen point is beautiful. We will have to start early and hopefully snag that site this fall. The bugs were bad but bearable in the hardwoods and pretty much non existent in the pines. We didn't need nets. Humidity was terrible and definitely takes its toll. Proud of the kid though. Ended up doing about 15 miles in total and a partial night hike. I think the night hike was my favorite part.

What's the proper ADK etiquette for back country camping areas? There was room for at least 1 or 2 more small tents at Wintergreen point but we didn't want to intrude on the couple that was there before us. This bummed my son out as he really liked the site and wanted to go swimming I know on the Appalachian trail shelters and tent sites aren't considered full until you physically can't fit anyone else.
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