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Hi Everyone!
I am Laurie from Rotterdam, NY. I started hiking back in 1990-1992 then stopped and just started again in 2001. I am hoping to conquer all 46 within the next few years.
I work at the post office and am 36, married with NO kids. That way I can go out and play whenever I want!!! I do have 7 cats to make up for not having kids.
I got back into hiking to get the exercise and now that I have a goal, I get to see how far I can push myself to hike these mountains and not to give up. Once I start a mountain I have to finish it...there is no going back!!!
The mountain I hate the most so far....GIANT!!!! Lost a few toenails from that one!!
I hope to run into some of you out there. I do plan on doing some solo hikes soon and may need to ask for advice. See ya out there!
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