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I'm new to this site too. My name is Lindsay and I'm 23 and I am a graduate student at Syracuse University in NY. I'm originally from Rochester, NY. I love life and along with that I love music and going to shows, playing the guitar, reading, traveling, skiing, wanna go snowshoeing this winter, and of course hiking and camping. I could go on, but I won't.

I decided to start hiking the peaks after I returned from a trip out west to Colorado and Utah. I fell in love with everything there for sure. I wondered how I could've spaced and not spent more time up in the wonderful world that are the adirondack mountains! So in order to make sure I would get there as often as possible I got my family and friends psyched and we all want to hike the peaks <yippee>! Unfortunately I have to be lame and go to school and do work.

Anyway, I'm super busy and probably won't be able to plan any trips beyond just picking up and going whenever possible.

If I see ya on the trail I'll for sure tip my hat to you!!
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