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Very new to the site. 43 yr., married with two kids. I live in Westchester County.

Growing up, the only thing I did outdoors was team sports and long distance running (I was a decent miler and 2-miler) -- but no hiking. Went to college upstate but never stopped to look at the scenery. Then, after law school, entered the work force and worked long hours at large law firms and for many years as a federal prosecutor, where my idea of the outdoors was softball or tennis.

Only recently got into hiking but it is quickly becoming a passion. Have recently done a few hikes in Vermont and the Hudson Highlands, some alone and some with family. Last weekend, went with a high school buddy and did my first high peaks -- Algonquin and Wright from the Loj.

Since I don't camp, can anyone recommend some summer/spring high peak day hikes that I should try next?

Looking forward to learning from the more experienced hikers on this great site.
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