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I am from Michigan as my screen name implies. I live in Traverse City, Michigan which sits on the shores of northern Lake Michigan. When I was in college, I always wanted to go backpacking, but I never had enough money to buy the gear. After I graduated and got a job, I convinced my wife to buy some gear. Our first trip was on North Manitou Island in Lake Michigan. A year after that, we planned a two week vacation and we stopped to backpack in the Adirondacks and the White Mountains on our way to Acadia National Park. After that trip, I fell in love with the mountains! Last summer, we returned to the Adirondacks and we hiked Marcy and the Gothics. This summer will be my third trip back to the Adirondacks. This time I will be taking my sister because my wife is 6 months pregnant and she is busy finishing up her masters degree. I continue to come back to the Adirondacks because it is the closest mountain range to us (13 hr drive) and because I love the ADK's mountains, falls, and streams. If I could, I would move out east to be closer to the mountains.
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