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Wow, lots of folks from The Cuse and CNY on this board.

I'm 34, married, and have a 9 week old son. I'm a programmer/analyst and work in downtown Syracuse within sight of the famous Dinosaur BBQ.

My parents took me camping near Tupper Lake when I was 6 weeks old and I've been heading up to the Adks frequently ever since. Over the years we've upgraded from tent camping to a pop-up trailer to a condo to our current family camp in on Fourth Lake in the Old Forge/Inlet area. Try to get up there every other weekend or so during the summer and winter.

I didn't catch the hiking bug until my mid-20's and once I started I finished the 46 peaks over a few summers. I'm about halfway through my second round as I have got a few friends who are also trying to finish their 46.

I am a huge SU basketball fan and play regularly myself.

MD Cuse
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