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Lightbulb a little about me

I am 34 years old and work for integrated marketing in e. syracuse. i have been roaming the adirondacks since i was old enough to walk. had a camp on the edge of the ha-de-ron-dah wilderness and explored its forests incessantly until at 18 i discovered that in the remote ponds large brook trout coulkd be caught. that has been my passion ever since. so my exploration of the park has been largely bushwacking to remote ponds. like the unnamed pond 3/4 NE of upper haymash pond in the pidgeon lake wilderness. awesome fishing. but by far probably the most ...almost in the adirondacks for me is sand lake...the old growth white pine on the esker inspires awe. it is as if verplanck colvin could have been there im sure some of those pines have. i love the adirondacks and so does my spouse. cindy can dress up and be gorgeous and she will also walk up to her mid calf in a bog with my radisson canoe being pounded by punkies and love every minute. see you next weekend my beloved adirondacks!!
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