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Hi All !

It's so nice to hear about different people's lives and experiences here. I guess I'll chime in now as this forum is such a great resource. My name is Chris, 27M, engaged, and have 2 cats... I live near Tully, NY (near Otisco Lake) and work for Onondaga County at the metro wastewater treatment plant in Syracuse. Went to ESF at Syracuse (college of environmental science and forestry) for my BS in env science.

Let's see...I have been going camping in the ADKs and 1000 Islands since I was very young, and began venturing into the high peaks region in about 1998. Hiking all 46 peaks is a goal of mine I guess, (just over 1/2 way there )however it is not an obsession, I figure I will get to them all someday if it's meant to be. (they certainly aren't going anywhere!!) I stay in very good shape and think it's important to live a healthy, active, lifestyle and develope good habits regarding that when you are stilll young.

I grew up in the country in the hills of the finger lakes and have always loved the outdoors and all related activities. I spend my free time backpacking, hiking, mnt biking, fishing, skiing, snowshoing, playing basketball, golf and my guitar and going to see live music. I am the one who is always drving my friends nuts with my love and concern for the environment.

I have hiked in the eagle cap wilderness in eastern Oregon, as well as the Cascade range and the columbia river gorge in OR. I've hiked Mnt St Helens in Wash, and up and down the Grand Canyon and in the finger lakes area here in CNY and I must say that the ADKs are still my favorite. They are some of the most rugged and beautiful climbs you will find anywhere. (although the NW is a very close second! )

I hope to meet many more wonderful people in this forum that share the same interest and passions as I and always love to find hiking partners as it is becoming harder and harder for me to find friends still willing to get up to the Mnts.

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We do not inherit the Earth from our Grandfathers, we borrow it from our Grandchildren.
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