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My story

I've enjoyed reading your posts. interesting people here, and a few neighbors!

I'm Ron. My wife and I live in Averill Park, NY. We have 3 girls and a boy. All under 12 yrs. old.

I've been hiking the ADKs since i was a kid. I'm a 46er and working on winter. I have some doubts about completing my winter 46 (I'm at 13 now). We also hike as a family.

I've been a minister in Albany for the last 7 years. before that, I served churches in North Carolina and Western, NY. My faith in the God of the Bible is huge for me and affects all parts of my life--even the trail.

Recently, I stepped down from my church duties and have taken on a new role as director of a wilderness camp for boys near Speculator. I attended this camp since I was a kid and it is an awesome opportunity to lead it now! Plus, it is a dream job for anyone who loves the outdoors! I leave for the North today and will be out of internet contact for the summer.

Love this site, even though i am sporadic in my participation.
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