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Ok, after many month of lurking and then finally "coming out" on the Mile High Club....

I've had a love for the outdoors all my life thanks mainly to my godparents who were avid outdoorsmen. Hunting, fishing, nature walks, name it, they did it. And they were in their 60's when I was born.

I grew up outside Gettysburg, PA and spent most of my time either playing sports or being in the outdoors. I went to Lehigh University after high school as a mechanical engineer but came out with a degree in accounting.(difficult to play two sports and still maintain decent grades) After college I moved to Washington DC to work for the federal government. Luckily for me, my job moved me from there to Newark, NJ then into NYC and eventually landing me in Philly. It wasn't until after dealing with the 9/11 aftermath that I realized how my job had become my entire life. A dear friend, and you know who you are, introduced me to the Adirondacks in 2002 and I have been hooked ever since. I'm so hooked, that I'm relocating to Albany in order to be closer. Essentially, getting my life back. While my best buddy(my 11 year old german shepherd), who's seen me through the tough times in my life, is too old to go hiking with me anymore, he still enjoys any kind of outing we make that includes a stream, river or wild critters. I wish that I had discovered the dacks when he was still young enough to enjoy them with me.

I'm enjoying the banter that goes on in the ADK Forum and look forward to meeting some of you out on the trail, or when I get my arse moved up to Albany!
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