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Here’s my story. I grew up in Schenectady, NY and started hiking in the ADKs in 1978. After high school, I went to Paul Smith’s College, then transferred to Univ. of New Hampshire (B.S. in Forestry). After graduation, I entered the Army as a Lieutenant, served in various places (e.g. Ft. Bragg, NC and Germany) and got out as a Captain. After the Army I was bored, so I went to graduate school and earned an M.S. in Geology at Univ. of Pittsburgh. I started on a Ph.D. but dropped out and went to law school in Portland, OR. I now live in Chicago and practice corporate defense. For years I’ve been working on a scheme to get back to the ADKs, but the ruby slippers don’t seem to work and I don’t have the guts to quit my job and go. I’m 42.
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