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Well, let's see...
In the Fall of '98, right after the birth of our daughter, my wife and I decided that South Florida really wasn't the place to raise a family. It was time to escape. We sold the house, packed up a truck, and moved to NY. We tossed our anchor in the Syracuse area, and hopefully will stay here for a very long time. The pace of life here suites us just fine.

Growing up in South Florida with a moderate sense of adventure found me hiking and fishing and camping and hunting all over the place in the region. They are flat and they usually wet, but the Everglades are incredibly beautiful. The 'Glades are the only thing that I really miss about Florida.

Back in the "olden days" I'd hike or camp or both with great frequency. The "olden days" being those days B.C., before children. A month or so ago, my 8 year old son expressed an interest in going backpacking sometime this summer. That was all it took! The flame was once again re-ignited.

We have yet to take our first father-son backpacking trip, but should very soon. Getting all ready to make a trip has been serious fun, for both my son and myself. We both bought new packs, and we've been reading trail guides, and just generally getting immersed in the idea.

This summer, if any of you wouldn't mind a old man and a well behaved 8 year old tagging along, I'd love the company. The 'Glades I know, this Adirondack stuff is all new to me.

Hope to see y'all on the trail.

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