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My father was from Mars, my mother from Venus. Here in computer land I am more a stone age ameba than interplanetry tripper (I hope.)
I haven't been in the Adirondacks in neigh on 30+ years. Back then, when I was going to save the world, I went to some religious school up in Pottersville NY but I would need a map to find out where the heck I was. This weekend will be my 1st Vermont hike ..looking forward to it very much.
We spend the school year here in the states (my wife is a music teacher & I'm a carpenter) and spend the rest of our time in Quebec with an eye towards Labrador.
I'd like to know my way around the Adirondacks more. My understanding is that it makes up a large part of the Great North Woods. I would like to hike some of it's winter Mnts or traverse sections of the lowland on snowshoes or skis.
I would probably need to make plans with others who know their way around that neck of the woods.....till then I hope to learn a bit more from this board..thanks...spider
goin up country where the water taste like wine...
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