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Just a hiker too........

I'm 36, married with 2 great kids (wife's not bad either ). I've been actively hiking since 1998 or so and have gotten progressivly more addicted ever since (as have the rest of the family). It's something we do together (most of the time) and enjoy. Our primary focus in the last year or so has been to complete the 46.

We currently have anywhere from 9 (for me) - 15 (for my wife) left, with the kids in between. We plan to finish (all 4 of us, along with my brother) on Whiteface on Labor Day 2004. My wife and I will be 37, My son - 13 and my daughter 11.

Our family "treat" for completing the 46 will be a trip to Colorado for a couple 14ers (this was decided by the kids, btw). We all have similar, but slightly differing goals and aspirations. My son has aspirations of real moutaineering when he gets older and my daughter just wants to be out there where the wind is in her hair and she feels free.

By trade, I am a Medicolegal Death Investigator for a large Metropolitan Medical Examiners Office. Yes, it's kinda like CSI with none of the glory and all of the mess . I also train and compete in triathlons (Olympic distance) and coach swimming.
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