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Hi I’m Zac
(everyone says, “Hi Zac”)
And I’m addicted to the Adirondacks. I swear these mountains are worse than cigarettes. I’m a 25-year-old architectural intern. My addiction started at two years old, when my father would take me fishing, this lead to backpacking. My first trip was at age five to Lost Pond in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. We use to take a weekend trip at least once a year from that point on until I started to go on my own with friends. I didn’t start climbing any of the high peaks until a few years ago. My first high peak was Dix. We went in from 73 and then took the north slide to the top. I’m now currently halfway complete with the 46 high peaks, but I see myself hiking those and many other mountains over and over again. I hiked the Northville-Placid Trail end-to-end last summer. Generally if I’m not off hiking I’m out on the water in my canoe.
A man needs to believe in something. I believe I'll go hiking.
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