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i'm scott.
i'm 29.
after highschool i spent 3 years in the german alps in the army.
then 5 more years in the national guard while going to school for surveying/civil engineering and working.
I 've been working full time for the D.E.C. for 5 years now. i work in floodplain mapping. i used to be out surveying creeks and rivers most of the time, now i just sit at this computer all day.

as far as the outdoors and such - i was a boyscout, been hiking/camping/canoeing since i was 12.
i have a group of friends that i always used to go with since highschool. back in highschool it was a trip every month, a couple of week trips every summer. then when i got back from germany it was a trip every other month, maybe a longer trip in the summer. last couple years it's been like pulling teeth to get any of them off their a**es for just 2 or 3 weekends a year.

and so i've turned to this little box to find me some new backpacking companions.

i'm not much of a "peak bagger." i like the views and all, but i can't stand the crowds of the high peak areas. i usually stick to the closer, quieter southern 'Dacks.
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