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Hi im Justin. I'm 25 yo, unemployed(because I want to be), guy who for the summer wants to get out and do what I want. Already I've led an interesting life but hope it gets better with age. Growing up my dad always took me car camping and day hiking. After high school I went to college at Alfred State where I took a degree in Electrical Construction and Maintance. Not because I really wanted to but because I knew it would get me away from home and I could get through without tring. After college I moved to Rochester,NY and got a job with a man who changed my whole out look on life. I learned that its a big world out there with a lot of differnet cultures and beliefs. I started installing alarm systems for bank vaults in Texas in the winter and taking the summers of to enjoy life. After moving to NC where I started getting back into day hiking again after a bit of a lapse. Worked there doing landscaping at first then electrical work. After 2 years there I took a 3 month trip to Southern Mexico and Central America. My mother was came down with cancer when I was away so when I came back I moved home to spend time and help her. She passed away last April. I had a difficult time with it but my friends and mt girlfriend where ALWAYS there for me. In December I went to Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador for 3 months. Since I've been home I've been "getting out" as much as possible and with the summer coming I'd like to "get out" a lot more.
Thats prety much it.
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