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Hi--my name is Doug and I'm an alcoholic...wait--wrong post. All kidding aside, I'm 32 and love the outdoors. I went to college to be a history teacher, but dropped out in my junior year to ski in colorado. Seemed like a great idea at the time. Hung out in boulder for a while, then my father, here in NY, came down with als, better known as lou gerhigs disease. I moved back here in 95 and inherited a tavern in Oswego ny. I ran it until last may, when I sold it, and decided to become a mountain guide. Started all that, and was going to finish my training in the cordillera blanca region in Peru, but it got cancelled. So I went back to school for nursing. I know, how did that work out? But anyway, I finish in june, and then I think I might start my bid on the 7 summits on kili. I've currently got 30 high peaks done, and plan on doing alot of backcountry skiing, when you can pry me away from whiteface and gore this season. I'm also on the sar team here in cny, and participate on most of the searches for lost people. I found my first living person last week, after she had been lost for three days in freezing weather. Got to use my wfr skills. Good thread.
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