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I'm a new member of the Forum who has a long history in the Adirondacks. I grew up in Holland Patent, NY (north of Utica) not far from the Park.

My first hike was in a packbasket on my father's back, probably around 1944. My family had a camp on Morehouse Lake, south of Speculator. To get there, we hiked two miles carrying all our food, clothing, etc. There was no electicity, generators, motorboats or telephones. After fishing for 1/2 hour, we had enough trout for all five of my family members to eat breakfast. Those good fishing days are gone, but our experiences there helped my two brothers and me develop a love for the outdoors.

I brought my wife and children to Piseco Lake (same area) every summer for two weeks. There, our children took on our love for the outdoors.

With a brother living in Denver and a son at the Aspen Music Festival for several years, we hiked most of the trails in the Aspen, CO area. So, I've hiked more in Colorado than in the Adirondacks.

Now we have returned to the Adirondacks and have bought a camp on Piseco Lake. I will retire in July, and plan to hike all 46 peaks. I'm collecting a group of 50 & 60ish folks in the Piseco area with similar interests. We'd love some company on the trails. We'll need some experienced bushwhackers when we do the off-trail peaks, although I am learning mapreading and GPS navigating in preparation.

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