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Essex Chain North update

Spent two nights there recently. Updates from being there & a conversation with a very reliable source:

The new lean-to on 3rd lake is nice (set back from water a bit) and getting use. Saw party of 2 there. One of the campsites (#2) on 3rd lake has been closed/relocated (to S shore), and #1 on 6th lake has been closed (it was bad). The map at the Kiosk has been marked up to reflect the changes. The DEC web site now has the current site locations accurately shown here:

All campsites have fire rings now & campfires are legal at designated waterside sites. I did not see this info yet on any DEC website.

Only saw one other person wheeling into 3rd lake.

Beaver activity down a bit and I did the Deer Pond loop without getting my feet wet. Made it again to Cedar river for a dip. Road/trail section close to former bridge site flooded as usual. Saw a float plane headed for likely landing on Pine lake.

For those wondering, no apparent activity on replacing the bridge over the Cedar river (saw flagging on S side a few years ago). Curiously, the DEC map shows a hand launch in this area. This surely not legally reachable by motorized vehicle (locked gates and at least one washout on N side above new lean-to). That would be long tough carry/wheel and a very short paddle unless you were committed to white water.

Camp 6 road heading S (from E end of Goodnow Flow) has a 14" tree across rd .7 mi S of locked gate and not hospitable to pass further than 1 mile.

Some increased signage at key intersections (thanks DEC) will help navigating for some. Could use a sign at N access from E side at locked gate. That too is a nice bike ride on the former logging roads.
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