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Originally Posted by RichieC View Post
No, not really "nice" they have been used a lot in the past. Picked over and nailed and built up "things", built and placed more for convenience rather than any particularly pretty vantage or placement- in fact if I recall, kind of muddy. . There is ( or was) a dock and a bunch of stashed aluminum canoes. . Not the sort of sites I prefer.
I finally made it back into first lake. The framework shown in your second picture has been taken down- it looked like all of the poles had been piled up on the side of the site. Someone had taken an old "Posted" sign and written in sharpie on the back, "NYSDEC Emergency Tent Poles Do Not Remove," and placed it atop the pile of poles. Safe to say whoever it was that made that sign certainly does not work for the DEC.

I agree with the general assessment of those two float plane sites- they are pretty lackluster at best. It appears that neither has gotten a whole lot of use in recent years; both were covered in knee deep grass.

The Grassy Pond site was somewhat nice, although by far the buggiest out of all of the sites I visited on this trip.

Third Lake site #2 has been relocated- this site was formerly located in a neat spot between rock outcrops on the north side of the lake, but the access to and from the site from the water was downright horrible. This site was closed, and a new site on the south shore (just about due south of the old site) has been designated.

The new Third Lake Lean-to is pretty nice. I spent a night there (and was serenaded by flamboyant loons all night long).

Every site that I visited has a fire pit. The fire pits are all on the smaller side, I'm sure as the use picks up that will change.

There were also more folks out and about in the area, both by boat and bicycle, than I've ever seen (although I never made it into the area back during it's initial popularity, when the permit camping system was in place). I also saw hoof prints indicating recent use by horseback riders. I think the repeal of the fire ban especially has increased interest in the area and what it has to offer.
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