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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
Yes the campsite is one of the better ones.

Lows Lower Dam has lowered the water level at least a foot. If you stick to the main river channel you'd be fine. But the urge to cut corners for me was overwhelming and more often than not I'd get bogged down in mud. Once above the upper dam, the floating bog required me to climb out on semi-solid land to drag my kayak over one spot, but was not too difficult.

Here are some photos:
1) launch at the lower dam
2) the bog (looking toward the upper dam)
3) evening sunset from the campsite
Great shot from 18! I have seen some great sunsets from there too. One summer I worked as an ASF on Lows and was able to camp on top of Gooseneck Island - they were even better from up there. The bog looks like when I went through last time. I remember when you could paddle all the way through on the other side. What was the parking situation like? Worse than normal? Thanks for sharing the photos!
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