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I was on Lows Lake #18 last night. Horseflies were worse than the Deer flies. But right next to the campsite is a small little bog. I saw hundreds of dragonflies flying around this small area. It was mesmerizing to watch. Once, standing near the bog, I heard one of those horseflies buzzing around me and the buzz suddenly stopped and I saw a dragonfly carrying off the horsefly. At the campsite there were a few black flies. But plenty of mosquitos once you headed into the trees.

Then in the evening, often when a dragonfly dropped close to the water (I assume to drop eggs?) a fish would jump out of the water to gulp it down. I would guess I heard one fish every 10 seconds or so.

The web of life. The black flies, deer flies and horseflies eat us, dragonflies eat them, the fish eat the dragonflies, and we eat the fish!
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