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Interesting discussion....
I love a good beef steak and enjoy a beef hamburger but I cannot stand the smell of beef hamburger cooking.
WRT deer meat...a few thoughts. We eat mostly wild game and venison is a big part of this. I butcher it myself and make sure that I trim off all of the fat. I also do not use a saw on anything. I am of the opinion that the marrow in the bones is as off putting as the fat. I believe that most folks who have tried venison and believe it to be gamy tasting have been fed deer that were not properly handled after being harvested. A properly cleaned and aged deer steak is normally a very mild tasting piece of meat. As has been noted, you must field dress right away and cool the deer quickly. If you do not have the luxury of a walk-in or a two door reefer to handle a deer in warm weather you can (and should) still allow the meat to sit for a few days before you package it. I typically break the deer down into it's largest bits and put those on ice for two or three days before I slice, trim and package it. The trick is to be sure that it stays dry while you rest it.
Raw deer has a very distinctive smell that is different than beef. I find that beef has less of a smell (to my nose) than deer.
After processing a deer I lose my desire to eat it....the smell from trimming/butchering etc. sort of overwhelms me. The next day, backstraps on the grill or in the cast iron skillet cooked in a bit of bacon grease...!
One final thing, if you overcook deer meat (any wild game) it seems to pull up gaminess. Cook it to medium rare or rare or braise it until tender. Nothing in between works for me. That is why I do not put pork in my grind. It's pure venison. If you use pork you need to cook the burgers longer to get the pork properly cooked.
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