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Yeah... no obvious indicator it's feed. I've bought meat from the same farm, local, grass fed and sometimes it's there, sometimes not.

Actually I really love dry age steak and I can never taste anything weird about it. I've actually never tasted what I describe with those kind of meats. I only really notice it with ground beef.

I've also noticed I cannot smell any difference in the meat when it's raw. I can notice the smell when it's cooked and if I smell it, the taste will be there as well.

The only other thing I can say is that restaurants with really good meats I've never noticed it.

Ground lamb has a certain taste to it, and I don't love or hate it, but it might be a little bit similar to that. But every lamb I've eaten always tastes that way and it is stronger with ground lamb. Beef seems highly variable to me, at least from grocery store butchers.

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