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Meat Flavor

Gonna try this here because I think hunters in general seem to understand this kind of thing...

I sometimes get a taste in beef that I could never quite describe. Maybe it's "gaminess", but I used to eat venison all the time, and I wouldn't describe it like that. I'd actually say the closest smell and taste I can think of is raw pumpkin, although in the most unpleasant sense.

I've noticed in all sorts of beef from home grown, grass fed to completely industrialized meats. It's not always there, but when it is, it is, and I don't care for it. Does anyone know what causes this?

Seems to be independent of preparation, but I can definitely taste it more on something like a burger that isn't in a sauce. From what I can come up with on reading, the way the meat is killed and prepped immediately after can affect these kind of tastes.

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