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Deer Pond and Fifth Lake are not accessible by vehicle...there was (is?) some planned access to Fifth for disabled folks on a limited basis. Not sure if this has been implemented yet.
I've only camped on the legacy state lands way at the end of First, so I can't advise on other sites, but the few that I paddled past looked ok to me.
The Chain Drain is certainly worth the price of admission, my gang paddled it in October of a dry year and there was adequate water all the way to the falls.
The Chain Drain dumps into the Rock River, you can paddle a short ways upstream before some rapids. Downstream leads shortly to the Cedar River...I've been on that section of the Cedar to the rapids just beyond Pine Lake, I particularly enjoyed it.
I could envision a 3 or 4 day excursion that included a night on Pine Lake, it's a short carry up and over from the Cedar.
Depending on your boat and your ambitions, you might be able to pole upstream (or carry) on the Rock to explore more of that water. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to squeeze some sort of Rock Lake-Rock River-Essex Chain through trip, but the car shuttle is cumbersome.
All of those interior waters are very seldom visited, and there are no formal carries, but for me that's the attraction. Maybe the same for you?
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