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Thanks for the thoughts, tenderfoot!

I would certainly not do 3:1. No freakin' way. Not until they are a lot older, and even then I don't know...

We didn't have a lot of options when they were younger. We couldn't just leave one or two behind, and just 1:1 camping with a baby or toddler is probably more than one can handle. We did some car camping when they were small babies but once they became toddlers that was out of the picture. Just too much downtime and not enough resource.

We're attempting our first car camp this year as a family. And even that will be challenging. One of our sons has Autism, so we are actually going to be able to get some special help with him, which will be a big help as we'll have 1:1 adult/kid ratio.

Anyway, for a backpacking trip I was thinking it'd just be me and one at a time. Two of them are at the age where they can follow me around and listen, and if I have an itinerary and explain it in advance, they can do a pretty good job of adapting to changing activities.

I'm not sure I'm ready to try this yet though... I don't really want to push them and then they have a bad experience, so I'm kind of feeling it out and we'll see how car camping goes - although with the brothers around, that's a whole different game.

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